You have 'eagle eyes' if you can spot 'squeaky intruder' on Christmas dinner table

You're a 'really smart person' if you can work out how to boil egg in baffling riddle

People struggle to find missing Christmas pudding in chaotic dinner scene

You have a high IQ if you can spot soap hidden among toy ducks in seven seconds

You have to be highly 'observant' to work out answer to mind-boggling maths puzzle

You have very sharp eyes if you can spot the hidden Christmas tree in enchanting pattern

Only a 'genius' can solve this maths question that's leaving everyone completely stuck

Only those with 'laser-sharp eyes' can spot seven kitchen hazards in baffling brain teaser

Friday Night Pub quiz questions - can you get a perfect score out of 10?

Only 25% of people can find the hidden word 'weed' and not get distracted by 'seed'

Maths question challenges you to find next number in the sequence - can you crack it?

Chilling optical illusion that unveils your true fears labelled 'so accurate' by viewers

Tricky brain teaser challenges drivers to spot fake road signs in just 30 seconds

Children's word search is so tricky it stumps adults - but people think they know why

You have 20/20 vision if you find the hidden letter L among the Ts in just 10 seconds

Year 12 maths question leaves parents 'struggling' to find answer - can you crack it?

Only people with 'high IQ' can spot 7 white balls in less than 20 seconds

Baffling riddle stumps 97% of Harvard graduates - can you figure it out?

'Unsolvable' exam question meant for 11-year-old leaves adults defeated

Tricky autumnal brain teaser challenges you to find animals sneakily hidden among leaves

You're a Christmas genius if you can spot 10 green baubles in tricky tree brain teaser


'Being bedbound has left me addicted to riddles and I'm driving everyone mad'

Jeopardy geography clue that stumped all 3 contestants - do you know answer?

You have 'marksman's eyes' if you can spot mysterious owl hiding in tree optical illusion

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