It's less than a month until Christmas and a gang of thieves in Dorset have stolen a gaggle of turkeys from a UK farm.

Seventy birds were nabbed in the middle of the night, with the overnight heist thought to have taken place during the early hours of Monday morning on November 27. In addition, the farm also lost some of its machinery.

It's likely the crime will decimate the business in the run up to such a busy time of year, and could leave your Christmas dinner lacking as well. According to Dorset police, the burglary happened at a farm in the Dottery area of Dorset, near Bridport, at approximately 1:30am on Monday.

Seventy birds were nabbed in the middle of the night (
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The incident is being investigated, as reported by DorsetLive. Officers are requesting that anyone who saw the offence should come forward. Likewise, if anyone has been offered live or butchered turkey in suspicious circumstances, they should contact the police.

Police Constable James McClements, of West Dorset police, said: "This burglary has had a significant impact on the victim's business, and we are carrying out a number of enquiries to identify those involved. I would urge anyone who witnessed any suspicious activity in the vicinity, including unusual vehicle movements, during the early hours of Monday, November 27, 2023, to please contact us. Finally, I would like to hear from anyone who has come across live or freshly butchered turkeys being offered for sale in the area in suspicious circumstances."

Anyone with information contact the police by visiting this website or by calling 101 and quoting occurrence number 55230186755. Alternatively, people can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555111.

Similarly, just seven days ago across the pond, one Reddit user was not so grateful when their turkey was stolen, causing a huge row and ruining the whole day. Sharing the unfortunate event on social media, the woman revealed her family had got together for the annual holiday to feast and celebrate what was sadly expected to be her mother-in-law's last Thanksgiving.

The Redditor, who goes under the handle @Stolenturkey22, shared the unconventional turn of events on the site in the True Off My Chest thread. She shared: “I’m confused and frustrated and need to vent. We hosted Thanksgiving this year - husband and I, our two kids, husband’s siblings, nieces and nephews, and most importantly, husband’s gravely ill mother. We’re all at peace that this Thanksgiving and Christmas will probably be our last holidays together. It’s been emotional and exhausting but we really wanted to make a memorable day that everyone would enjoy.”

Stressed, frazzled, and angry, the woman revealed that she felt Thanksgiving had well and truly been ruined, what with the main centrepiece of the dinner gone awol.