Actress Dakota Johnson recently gave a rare inside look into her sweet relationship with partner Chris Martin and the heartwarming way he lifts her spirits when struggling with depression.

Chris and Dakota continue to raise the bar for all Hollywood couples as they share a glimpse inside their supportive relationship with the world. The Fifty Shades of Grey actress, who is known for keeping her love life very private, recently opened up about her six-year relationship with the Coldplay singer during a guest appearance at the Hope for Depression Research Foundation's (HDRF) 17th annual luncheon.

During the event, the 34-year-old star received the incredible honor of taking home the 2023 Hope Award for Depression Advocacy and during her speech revealed Chris was one of the driving forces in her life that keeps her afloat. This comes as this week it was revealed Dakota also shares a sweet relationship with her rumored fiancé's ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Chris sweetly recognizes signs of Dakota's depression (
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Dakota gives inside look into her struggle with her mental health (
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During her appearance, Dakota venerably shared: "A few weeks ago, I was having a low day," she explained. "And my partner said to me, 'Are you really struggling?' and I said 'No?'" She continued: "And he said, 'Baby, you are wearing a Cats T-shirt.' As in Cats the music," she recalled. "So, it turns out, I really was struggling. But that moment lifted me up and pulled me out of it."

The former Persuasion star was touched that her partner knew her well enough that he recognized the signs indicating that her mental health was declining. Throughout her career, Dakota has been very open and transparent about her struggles with mental health and is more than willing to share her battle to help others. During the event, Dakota urged that if she was even able to say one relatable thing that could help someone else feel less alone she would be a "very willing advocate."

Giving a closer look at her struggle with depression, Dakota revealed: "Most of the time as you can probably tell, I speak about depression or anxiety in a very self-deprecating way. Perhaps, I sometimes find it easier to look it in the eyes if I mask it in comedy," and continued: "Covering my pain or anxiety with comedy has become a lifelong tool, and I don't think it's a bad thing, it works, it helps me. Because, sometimes if I don't laugh, I will cry."

Dakota admitted that her battle with depression is something will always be a part of her life and the best thing she has done in her journey is accepting and recognizing it. She said: "The biggest thing I've learnt about depression is learning to become OK with there never really being an immediate answer, never really being an immediate end."

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