Twenty years after they reached the height of their fame, Dick and Dom are still performing together - only on a different kind of stage.

Comedy duo Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood, who presented the iconic Dick & Dom in da Bungalow, were famed for slime challenges, baby races and of course, shouting 'bogies' in public. The pair transformed Saturday morning TV, competing with Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly's SM:TV between 2002 and 2006 with their hilarious CBBC programme.

But their weird and wacky antics made it harder for them to branch out as presenters once the Bungalow's doors slammed shut for the final time. Dick and Dom - now aged 47 and 45 - still went on to have successful careers in television and eventually found themselves in the music world. Here, we take a look at where the pair are now.

Dick and Dom are now drum 'n' bass DJs, in long-term relationships and have kids (

Dick and Dom never strayed far from controversy, with the latter getting into hot water with media watchdog Ofcom for wearing a T-shirt with the sexual slogan "Morning Wood" emblazoned on the front. The lads were in their early 20s when they got up to mischief on our screens every Saturday morning.

"We had a don't care attitude," said Dick in an interview with Vice in 2019. "Our lifestyle was a bit rock-and-roll at the time: we partied hard and worked hard, young and having fun." Dom added: "All our mates worked on the show, we were mates together. You couldn't wait to get to the studio - it was so exciting when the cab pulled up at 5am."

While it proved a massive hit with kids, pulling in hundreds of thousands of viewers, there were some adults who did not see the funny side. At the height of their fame back in 2005, they were even slammed in Parliament by an MP who blasted the "lavatorial" content of the show. Conservative MP Peter Luff asked then culture secretary, Tessa Jowell, to explain how the show met the BBC's public service remit.

Referring to their website, he said: "You can join me in playing How Low Can You Bungalow?, a test to see your response to grossly embarrassing personal situations, largely of a lavatorial nature; Pants Dancers in the Hall of Fame, photos of children with underwear on their heads; Make Dick Sick, a game which I think speaks for itself; and finally Bunged Up, in which you play a character in a sewerage system avoiding turtle poos coming from various lavatories. Is that really the stuff of public service broadcasting?"

Ms Jowell replied: "It is the government's job to develop a new charter for the BBC - it is then the BBC's job to determine standards of taste, decency and appropriateness." A BBC spokesperson defended the show, saying it was popular with both children and adults, and it won two BAFTA awards.

Away from the show, both of the boys' partners are famous in their own right. Since 2005, Dom has been married to Sandi Lee Hughes, who was in the band allSTARS* - getting their own TV show and four UK Top 20 singles in a year. The couple have two sons together - and Dom made best mate Richard their godfather.

Richard has been in a long-term relationship with actress and CBeebies presenter Katrina Bryan since 2015 and they got engaged in 2019. Katrina has appeared in Taggart, Nina and the Neurons, Sea of Souls and a popular Irn-Bru advert. In 2021, Richard and Katrina welcomed their first baby, posting a snap on Instagram of Dick with a pram and the caption: "S*** got real"

Dick and Dom have gone on to do other things, but have confessed that 'Da Bungalow' has stopped them from getting certain jobs. They presented Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old on Sky One in 2007 and 2008, then played the roles of two princes on a quest in CBBC's The Legend of Dick and Dom. The duo hosted medieval-themed gameshow Spatalot, Dick and Dom's Hoopla and Absolute Genius, as well as their original show getting a number of spin-offs such as Diddy Dick and Dom.

They have also popped up on various reality shows as guests over the years including MasterChef in 2013 and Celebrity Come Dine With Me. "Projects have been stopped because they just say, 'You're the guys who stood in a small house and yelled bogies,'" said Dick. "It's hard for a lot of people to move on from it, when we know we can do other things. We wouldn't get the Newsnight gig, that's for sure."

They hosted the Radio 1 Sunday morning show in 2007 and have released a number of successful podcasts, including Cash From Chaos, The Dick and Dom Debate and Diddy Pod. The pals have worked in panto and are mainly drum 'n' bass DJs on the university and festivals circuit now, with a 2023 tour currently around the country.

Earlier this year, they went on tour and brought In Da Bungalow to life. Speaking to the Glasgow Times, Dick said: "It's mad that 20 years have flown by, a click of the fingers and here we are bringing it back to the stage." Dom added: "One of the maddest things is the average age of the viewer back then when we started was 10, so these people are now 30, so that's just crazy."

The legacy of the show remains as the pair still get shouted "bogies" at in the street. Their infamous game saw Dick and Dom enter a public place, usually somewhere quiet like a library or museum, then gradually shout the word louder until it got too embarrassing for one of them. It caught on like wildfire and children to this day still shout it out - mainly thanks to their parents egging them on.

"Kids still play Bogies nowadays and people shout it at us all the time. I think we are on the third generation of kids growing up," Richard told The Mirror in 2021. "The kids that have grown up with Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow are between 25 and 35, so they've had kids and are teaching their kids Bogies." With a chuckle, he added: "I'll be in the supermarket and you can see them egg their kids on to shout bogies."