The ongoing debate between Samsung and Apple is rife you're either an iPad or Tab user, and there's no in-between. Now, a surprising new deal from the Galaxy brand will give iPad users more than £500 if they hand over their device.

Yes, it is exactly as it sounds. Shoppers who happen to have an iPad sitting around at home can get up to £550 from Samsung to take off the price of the newest Galaxy Tab S9, all you have to do is hand it in.

It's part of the brand's ongoing trade-in deals, which sees it slash the price off some of its newest gadgets if you trade in an older model, whether it's a couple of years old and slow, or in prime condition. Oh, and it doesn't matter the make, the more nemesis the brand the better.

As Apple fans will find out, handing over an iPad could give you as much as £550 off the £799 Tab S9 price cutting the price to just £249 for one of Samsung's newest flagship devices. Having only been around since July 2023 it has skyrocketed to the top of shopper's lists thanks to its high-end features, like its 11-inch dynamic AMOLED 2X display (to say the least).

The price you get off does depend on the model you trade-in, and the highest £550 rate is reserved for those with the 2022 iPad Pro 12.9-inch model, so it's not sure how many people will be willing to give this device up just yet as it's basically brand new. Although other options show you can get money for much older devices too.

The 2018 iPad Pro 11-inch will give trade-in shoppers up to £250 off while the 2018 6th generation iPad will discount the Tab S9 by £120. Both Wi-Fi and cellular versions of the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9-inch will get Tab S9 shoppers a £350 price drop.

Moving away from Apple and there is between £120 and £360 available for those who hand in an older Samsung model, while there's a guaranteed £100 off if you hand in any brand of tablet, no matter the condition. Yes, it could have a cracked screen and not turn on, but you'd still get £100 off, all you'd need is an IMEI number.

Trade-in deals may be popular with the likes of Apple and Google too but Samsung's maximum £550 amount certainly tops the amount intrigued shoppers will be able to get off.