Diabetes risk could be slashed by simply walking faster, study shows

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A visit to your local pharmacy can help with more than you think

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6 reasons why your local pharmacy should be a first port of call for minor health concerns and more this winter

The truth behind why women live longer than men - it has a lot to do with habits

When it comes to healthy eating, every little change helps

Michael Mosley claims we've been breathing wrong - and right way can 'fight infections'

'Rotten egg breath' could be a sign of serious health problem - how to combat it

Key symptoms of silent killers found in your nose - from black snot to loss of smell

'Life-changing' tablet that tackles common illness could be available in UK by Christmas

Nine tell-tale signs you have common deficiency – from hair loss to aching muscles

'Hidden epidemic' could put 3 million Brits at risk of Victorian disease - see symptoms

Doctor addresses unusual constipation solving trick and says it actually works

Expert warns how to avoid killer virus sweeping Europe and heading for the UK

'A gym injury sent me to the GP - what they said made me think I was about to die'

Two cups of tea a day helps protect vital organ - and it doesn't matter how you take it

Dermatologist's 'simple' methods to relieve pain from sunburn and rehydrate skin

Smokers are losing trust in vapes and say they're just as bad as cigarettes

Dry mouth could be a 'red flag' symptom for five serious illnesses

Expert shares best method for hay fever sufferers to rid home of dust and pollen

Pancreatic cancer: Foul-smelling stools that 'don't flush' could signal silent killer


'Poor health has killed my love for life and I don't want to leave the house'

New symptoms you must have before GP can say you have UTI and prescribe antibiotics


RSV 'spreading rapidly' in UK - all you need to know about contagious winter virus

What are the main symptoms of Raynaud's disease and when you should visit a GP

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