Children's clothing is normally all about unicorns, race cars and flowers, so there's no wonder one mum was in shock after discovering a 'racy' detail on her daughter's hoodie that had gone unnoticed for 11 months.

The mum wanted to share the eye-opening, but hilarious, detail with fellow parents as a warning ahead of Christmas. The parent, who regularly updates her followers on her @resolutera TikTok account, explained she had bought a hoodie for her daughter last year, thinking the detailing hanging off the zip were "fairies".

However, "upon deeper inspection", she "realised they were strippers" - but that's not all. After examining the garment, she realised that the camoflauge pattern actually featured naked women. She alsoadded that it had taken her "11 months to notice", so posted the video as a "public service announcement to Christmas-shopping parents," so they don't make the same mistake.

When asked whether the daughter had been wearing it, the mum replied saying: "Yes, often and I've washed it so many times. No idea how it took me so long to notice!"

The description of the grey and white hoodie, which is sold on the Named Collective website, with the name Unrealistic Ideals Zip Hoodie Snow Camo, reads: "All over camo screen print, with original design made entirely out of girls."

Social media users weren't surprised that it had taken the mum so long to notice, as they didn't themselves until she pointed it out. One person wrote: "I thought it was camo till you said," while another added: "The way my jaw dropped. I thought it was camouflage," and a third commented: "It took me four watches to spot what you were talking about."

And it turns out the mum wasn't the only person to make the mistake. One person wrote: "I did the exact same as you. Took me after two hours of her wearing in I realised [sic]". Another added: " "I bought some camouflage trainers, took three months to realise they were dinosaurs I was excited."

However, another pointed out: "They're in silhouette. How do you know they're 'strippers' and not just people?," but the mum replied: "They are provocative silhouettes and if I Google stripper hoodie these are the first hit!"

Another wrote: "It's not meant to be sexual it's just the print, Named Collective is the brand not all their hoodies have this design."

The Mirror has reached out to Named Collective for a comment.