It was love at first swipe for this 23-year-old woman and her 62-year-old boyfriend who had an "instant connection".

Finding 'the one' can take a long time for many people. But model Willow and real estate developer David became a couple one hour after meeting on their first date. The American duo, who found each other on Tinder, had a "truly unbelievable connection", David told Barcroft TV.

The couple, who live in Charlotte, North Carolina, have since been to concerts together, holidayed in The Bahamas and Las Vegas, and enjoy a life of luxury.

Despite their happiness, the couple's 39-year age gap has left them inundated with judgement and social media trolls. David gets called a "sugar daddy" or Willow's father while she gets branded a money grabber.

The couple, who have a 39-year age gap, have been together for three months and enjoyed holidays in Las Vegas, The Bahamas, and more. Despite judgement online they say they are ignoring the haters (
Barcroft TV)

Appearing on a series called Love Don't Judge, Willow, who kissed David first on the walk home from their first date, said: "People like to call me a gold digger. When I first met him I didn't ask how he was, I didn't ask him what he did, I just wanted to get to know him as a person first. We met online on a dating site and we have been together for three months."

"He still thinks it is too good to be true," she added. The model says she has dated older men in the past as "you don't have to babysit them". David said Willow is "the girl that changed my life". Explaining their romance he said: "I have dated pretty girls before, but this was a connection, a real connection. I was a little concerned about her age, but it has been constant non-stop for the last 90 days."

Willow commented: "My family are really supportive of our relationship." And David added: "Her mother said 'I'm convinced you two knew each other in a prior life, I've never seen my daughter smile as much'."

The couple hit it off on their first date after meeting on Tinder (
Barcroft TV)

Speaking about the negativity they have received, David said: "I'm not allowed to read stuff anymore because I get sensitive. Some people just say I'm a sugar daddy or 'it's nice you went to Vegas with your grandpa'." The couple, who have raked in over four million views on their TikTok page (@cowboy.and.angel), choose to ignore the comments because they know what they have is real and continue to share their life and the fun things they get up to.

A number of people shared their thoughts after the couple shared their story on Love Don't Judge recently - with many showing support for their relationship. One individual said: "He's actually handsome, is probably extremely good to her, and treats her like a princess. I see nothing wrong at all."

Another said: "He is a grown man and knows full well she loves the good life and he is more than willing to give it to her. So it's a mutually beneficial relationship. They are both consenting adults so it’s really their own business. Live and let live."

"They're actually cute together, wish them all the best," a third commented. Another wrote: "He is handsome and she's very pretty. I wish them well."

One YouTuber added: "I just see some consenting adults smiling, laughing, and enjoying life. I think it's also a brilliant business plan for them, with their adult sites. Good for them. It's not for me, personally."

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