I'm A Celebrity fans think there could be another camp feud on the way.

It comes after boxer Tony Bellew made a cryptic dig at one of his fellow campmates on Tuesday night's episode. It has left fans predicting there is a secret feud with another campmate. The comment comes a week after YouTuber Nella Rose clashed with First Dates star Fred Sirieix. Nella took offence to Fred's remark after she had opened up on her heartbreaking family losses.

Fred made a passing comment that he was old enough to be her dad, yet Nella said she found it "disrespectful" as her father died in 2020. She ended up branding Fred a "weirdo" and declared she wanted to stay away from him during their time in camp. However, things have taken a positive turn as the pair seem to be getting on with each other in recent episodes.

Boxer Tony made the comment to his campmates Sam and Marvin (

It might not be long until more drama follows, however, as fans picked up a comment made by Tony to his campmates. When he was at the vending machine on Tuesday's show with Sam Thompson and Marvin Humes, the trio debated over which luxury items to pay for and take back to camp.

Made in Chelsea's Sam asked: "What about Nigel's chair?" Yet Tony quipped: "No absolutely not." Viewers took to X - formerly known as Twitter - where they praised Tony for snubbing Farage. One said: "I think Tony just became a National hero when he just said “NO” to even the thought of getting Nigel his chair, my king of the jungle."

Another added: "Tony couldn’t say no quicker for Nigel’s chair, dead!" Someone else commented: "Lol flat out refusing to get Nigel's chair..." Tony isn't the only campmate to not be the biggest fan of Farage. On Tuesday, Nella was praised by viewers for explaining cultural appropriation to the former UKIP leader.

Farage, 59, claimed that if a white person was to pronounce 'water' in Patois, they would be accused of racism. His provocative comment was instantly challenged by Catfish UK presenter Nella, who asked, "What do you mean, Nigel?" The Brexit Party founder continued: "If a white person does a Black accent, that’s considered to be a crime, that they should be cancelled for it."

Nella then explained that it depends on context, before adding: "If you’re taking the p***, then you’re taking the p***. If you’re not, then you’re not." Farage dismissively replied: "Sort of ‘can’t win’ territory," to which Nella repeated: "Nah, it just depends on the context."

The conversation turned to the subject of using another person's culture as a costume, after Farage defended the practice and argued that there was "enormous confusion" over what is acceptable and what's not. Nella asked: "Like what? If you were to do Blackface, it is wrong." Farage then said: "Dressed as a Mexican, or whatever it is," prompting Nella to explain the problematic nature of doing so.

However, Farage remained unconvinced and dismissively replied: "I don’t know what the rules are… There just seems to be this most enormous confusion about what you can and can’t do, can and can’t wear." EastEnders' Danielle Harold praised Nella for how she handled the conversation.

Viewers echoed Danielle, as one said: "It was only matter of time before Nigel finally let that mask slip Nella handled that situation so well." Another added: "Nigel Farage trying to act like he’s on top of racism and just sticking his foot in it yet again I’m glad Danielle picked up on how Nella handled it, because she must be EXHAUSTED living with him #ImACeleb".

"Hopefully Nella is ok. I think conversations like the one she had with Nigel are the type to break your spirit slowly. God knows what things he’s said that haven’t been aired. The use of “they” was defo a weird micro aggression. Ughhh. #imaceleb," a third added.

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