Josie Gibson was left gasping in the I’m A Celeb camp yet again as she barged in on another of her male campmates while they were showering.

The 38-year-old former Big Brother contestant has made a habit of walking in on her male co-stars while they are just trying to have a shower. And she has marvelled at them getting naked and remarked about their naked bodies.

During scenes that aired on Wednesday night, it was seemingly the turn of 51-year-old First Dates star Fred Sirieix to be on the receiving end of Josie’s unwanted interruption. While Fred was innocently drying himself after his morning shower, Josie stood and watched him while he wrestled on his underwear to cover his modesty - and she commented on his naked physique.

The occasional This Morning star stared while Fred bent over while drying and dressing himself. She gasped: "Ahh, Fred I weren't prepared for that! Jeez! I thought the moon had come out and the day had gone early." To which Fred followed up with "ohhh did you see my butt?"

The former Big Brother contestant caught Fred Sirieix in the nude (

In the second episode of the season, Josie walked in on 59-year-old Nigel Farage showering naked and she got a full look at his naked body. She later took to the Bush Telegraph to report on her encounter with naked Farage in the shower.

Confirming she had seen his exposed bottom, she said she had “seen worse” over the years and laughed to herself in the confessional booth. Days later, she watched Farage bathing naked again when he stripped nude and washed himself in an outdoor bath. This second time she was joined by EastEnders star Danielle Harold who was horrified to see her co-star bathing naked.

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Danielle gasped at the time: "I just saw something I never thought I'd see: Nigel's bare a**e." But Josie simply laughed and said: "I see it on the first day! Considering he's nearly 60 it ain't too bad."

Fans took to X/Twitter on Wednesday night to comment on the fact Josie keeps catching her male co-stars naked and showering. One wrote: "Good grief! Poor Josie! By the end of her time in the jungle, she is gonna see all the men's derrieres at this rate!!! #ImACelebrity."

A second fan wrote: "Josie really seen it all #ImaCeleb #ImACelebrity.” While another agreed, writing: "Oh god now Fred’s a**e #ImACelebrity." Ahead of the I’m A Celeb evictions beginning, Fred’s fiancée Fruitcake has landed in Australia to prepare to greet him. And she has warned that the Frenchman would happily be walking around the camp naked if he had his way.

She told reporters Down Under: “I haven't seen clips of him in his Speedos yet and I am surprised. You know you are allowed to take in five pieces of underwear? He took three speedos and two pants. If he could he would be a naturist walking round in there so the fact he is just in his pants doesn't surprise me. When he is with Gino and Fred he is always the one getting his kit off.”

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