Denise Welch has admitted she is "more likely to believe" the contents of an juicy new royal book than other readers.

The former Coronation Street actress, 65, admitted she was "outnumbered on this show and in general" on Loose Women this afternoon, as she and her fellow panellists on the ITV programme discussed journalist Omid Scobie and his new bombshell book, Endgame.

Denise, who yesterday reignited her feud with Piers Morgan over the explosive royal book, told the studio audience that Prince Harry "took his wife away [from this country] for a reason" as the Loose Women ladies delivered their thoughts on the book currently angering devoted monarchists.

Scobie, who denies being a close friend of Meghan Markle but is often described as a "mouthpiece" for the Duchess of Sussex, makes several explosive revelations about the royal family in his new literary offering - with the book being pulled in Holland after copies appeared to name the "royal racist".

Author Omid Scobie with his new book Endgame, which has rocked monarchists (
Good Morning America)

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had in 2021 sent shockwaves through the royal family when they accused an unnamed senior royal of expressing "concern" about their child’s complexion in a bombshell interview with US chat show queen Oprah Winfrey. And now it appears the name is out there after a review copy of the book sent to Dutch journalists appeared to contain the identity of the royal who allegedly made the remarks.

Discussing the book on Loose Women today, Denise admitted Endgame was on her Christmas list as she showed some support for Harry and Meghan amid the royal fury currently sweeping the nation. "I'm outnumbered on this show and in general but I will be reading it," she explained. "I will be aware some of the [contents] will be his [Scobie's] take only on things but I will be more likely to believe what he says in this book than some [other] people would be."

New Loose Women panellist Sue Cleaver delivered a nuanced take on the drama, musing how none of us truly knows what goes on behind closed doors and admitting she finds it sad that people are so quick to take sides in what essentially a family drama. The Coronation Street star mused how it was like "picking a camp", before Denise jokingly chimed in: "I like being in a camp!"

"There's no helping people," Sue laughed, going on to add: "The more we fuel this, the more we're adding to the flames - it's a family matter." At this point, Birds of a Feather Linda Robson piped up and added her contribution to the debate, shouting: "It's none of our business!"

Concluding the discussion, Denise noted how the public and the press are "obsessed" with royal gossip before declaring: "[This is why] Harry took his wife away, for a reason." Today's lead anchor Christine Lampard then reminded viewers Endgame is "written by someone making money from this book."

Today isn't the first time Denise has shared her thoughts on Endgame, with the star taking to Twitter (X) to share an extract of Piers Morgan's furious column about Omid Scobie and his juicy book. Within his review, alongside taking several swipes at Scobie, Morgan, 58, claims the release of Endgame will further damage Prince Harry's relationship with his family and randomly tells the Duke of Sussex to "to heed the warning of Dionysius the Tyrant who was left a broken man by his constant warmongering and got finally bumped off by his own fed-up family."

"I can’t speak for Charles, Camilla, William, or Kate, but if two close members of my family had spent the past few years trashing the rest of us on global media platforms, the only way I’d want to spend Christmas with them is if they were human chestnuts roasting on my open fire," Morgan writes in his scathing Sun column.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter then goes on to rather oddly conclude his piece with: "Harry would do well to heed the warning of Dionysius the Tyrant who was left a broken man by his constant warmongering and got finally bumped off by his own fed-up family."

Taking to Twitter (X) on Tuesday morning, former Coronation Street actress Denise shared the extract of Morgan's lengthy column with her followers and wrote: "Today's piece by Piers Morgan. Yet again totally justifying Harry's decision to move away and protect his wife.

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