Nigel Farage voted to leave a bush tucker trial - as he struggled to cope in the water-based trial called In Too Deep.

Farage was meant to try to win stars with Nick Pickard but it ended up being solely down to the Hollyoaks star to bring food for camp and he grabbed six out of eleven stars. When they arrived at the clearing, host Dec explained: "This is In Too Deep. It takes place in these two giant water tanks behind you."

"You'll need to free those stars that are trapped at the bottom. You do this by releasing the spanners that are up there on the side of the tank. Then you'll use them to unscrew the bolts that are holding the stars in place. When the stars are removed, you can collect them and get them in your bag. Only stars in your bag at the end of the Trial will count."

Nigel said 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' (

Ant added: "You’ll take it in turns collecting one star at a time. This is a Bushtucker Trial, expect the unexpected. You’ve got 11 minutes to get 11 stars. You can stop the Trial at any point by saying ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ and we’ll stop the Trial, but then you will forfeit any further stars. The other celebrity can play on to get their stars but with half the time.

"And of course, you don’t have to do it. You can say, ‘No thanks lads’ but you’ll go back to camp empty-handed." Farage enthused: “We’ll do our best.” Once they were in place Dec asked: “Happy?” Farage replied: “Fine.”

Nick said: “I’m alright, I’ve got a few mates in here.” Dec said: “Nick, you’ve got star number one in your tank, so you’re going to go first getting the stars.” As they got going, Dec noted: “As you can see, the water level is rising as well.”

With water spiders on him, Farage said: “I don’t mind that, it’s the water that worries me.” As he attempted to unscrew the stars, Farage said: “I can’t do this.” Dec encouraged: “Maybe use the rungs of the ladder to help you down?”

Farage opted to pass on the star, so it returned to Nick to try. As he continued his efforts to get stars, Nick exclaimed: “It’s a crocodile!” Farage chose to pass on his next one too. As Nick held his breath and got to work underwater, Ant noted: “He’s good at this.”

Dec added: “The lungs on this man!” On his next turn Farage said: “Nick, you’re on your own mate. Pass.” And on his next turn Farage confirmed: “No, I’m done, sorry. Can’t do it. Get me out of here.” Dec explained: “Because Nigel has gone, we half the time. You’ve got 1.5 minutes to get your last two stars, Nick.”

At the end of the Trial, Farage said: “I wasn’t worried about the snakes. Just can’t do it. I let the side down.” Nick said: “Don’t be stupid, we’ve got six.” Hosts Ant and Dec confirmed as Nick counted out his stars on the ground that he’d found six stars so six meals for camp.

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