After a night out comes to a close, there's nothing like a doner kebab, piled high with sauce and maybe a side of chips - but now people have seen how a 'real' doner is made, they're turning their backs on the pre-formed meat.

A clip of an authentic doner kebab being made in Turkey, where the tasty treat hails from, has left people desperate to try one for themselves, with many commenting with salivating emojis on the video.

Staff at Pecenek Doner could be seen putting layers upon layers of meat on a skewer, while also adding layers of fat to the kebab.

As they layer it up, they press down on it to make it more compact, so it's easier to cut meat off once it's cooked. The caption explained the process a little more, sharing that before it's placed on the skewer, "it is mixed with salt and a special marination", and is then left to rest for a day.

Then, as in the video, "it is ready to be cooked by putting it on a skewer, adding tail fat [...]They grind the tail fat into minced meat and add it to the mixture."

The caption explained that the fat content of the doner kebab is 20%, as more or less means it will not be "perfect." It then described the kebab as: "Quality and delicious", and many people in the comments agreed as they were desperate to give it a try for themselves.

"Bravo to the chef", someone commented, and another added: "Looks delicious." But some were shocked people had no idea how it was made, with a social media user saying: "Shocks me to see how many people have never seen kebab in their life."

The birthplace of the doner kebab was Turkey, despite the fact that they became hugely popular in Germany in the 1970s. But disappointingly, in the UK, many foodies have been left "scared" to eat the otherwise tasty kebab as often, they're not always what they seem.

In an episode of Food Unwrapped, TV presenter and farmer Jimmy Doherty paid for kebabs from nine different takeaways and delivered them to forensic scientist Paul Hancock to find out what was really in them - and the results were shocking.

Jimmy was visibly shocked to learn that only one of the nine kebabs was made from 100% lamb. "Most of them contain chicken", Paul told him. "We've also got a couple which contain beef. Fortunately, we found no goat, no donkey, and no horse in any of the products."

In the comments, someone fumed: "Scary. What is really sad is that only one store out of nine used lamb. And as far as I know, none of the takeaways in the UK ever have food sent to be tested (it should be randomly done) which means there will be shops out there putting cat, dog, possibly even rat into them. If they can get away with it and it costs them nothing, they will do it!"

So, if you want to try a really tasty and authentic doner kebab, it seems like your best bet is to go to Turkey and enjoy the treat.

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