A Christmas tree adorned with low-hanging baubles, shiny tinsel, and chewable lights can often be way too tempting for our curious four-legged friends to leave alone, which means many pet owners spend a good portion of the festive season attempting to keep them away from it.

Not only is it frustrating have to re-decorate your Christmas creation every five minutes, broken baubles and damaged electricals can put pets in harm's way. Now, there's a clever "pet-friendly" alternative that shoppers are praising as the perfect solution to this problem as their pets have not "touched the tree" since assembling.

Argos are stocking the Habitat 6ft Half Parasol Christmas Tree for £36.66 - the genius buy features branches starting halfway up the trunk, keeping any decorations out of reach from adventurous mutts and moggies. Better yet, people with the Christmas tree have said it is also "perfect if you have small children you want to keep away from the tree," and "a great tree for small spaces."

This JD Williams parasol tree easily slots behind a sofa and it's almost half price (
JD Williams)

Pesky paws are no match for this Christmas tree according to over 200 people who have rated it five stars on Argos. One shopper said: "I bought this due to having a young dog that loves eating and chewing and she never bothered with it and it never looked out of place," while another dog owner said, "I bought this because I have an adventurous puppy. It looks really good, the dog can't reach the tinsel, and I actually prefer it to my usual 6ft tree. It takes up less room but looks just as festive."

The Habitat Half Parasol Christmas Tree is also a big hit with cat owners - especially those who haven't been able to have a tree for years since owning a pet. "It's been over six years since I last had a tree because of my naughty cat who loves to climb them. This one has been up a few days and she's not shown an interest in it at all like she does with a normal tree," said one happy user.

A second cat owner explained: "I bought this tree to save my sanity! Having two cats who love fighting, climbing and ruining Xmas trees, I decided to buy this as a last resort. I can happily say its been a good buy. Neither cat has touched the tree! I was impressed that there are two types of branches in the tree, one which is thicker than the other, so you can spread the branches out to your liking."

The tree is "easy to erect and decorate," and while you do have to show a little patience and "really persist" while arranging the leaves, "you will get a lovely looking plump tree," at the end of it. Lights and baubles do not come with the tree, but shoppers have hailed it for being "realistic looking."

For those who prefer flocked trees, Argos have the Habitat 6ft Snowy Half Design Christmas Tree for £43.33, and JD Williams have reduced the Aspen Half Flocked Christmas Tree from £61 to £39.

If you have no floor room for a Christmas tree this year, the Homebase Hanging Wooden Light Christmas Tree is £30 and shoppers say, "this is perfect for a wall where you do not have much space. It looks really nice and Christmassy."