Rapper Young Thug's trial has been repeatedly delayed over the past year - but then another setback occurred Wednesday in court.

Videos and photo stills of the jury's faces made their way onto social media in the rapper's trial. Reportedly during a live stream of the trial, the camera shifted its angle to show the jury instead of Detective Mark Belknap, from the Atlanta Police Department's Gang unit, who was on the stand at the time.

Superior Court Chief Judge Ural Glanville called a meeting with all the attorneys in his chambers shortly after the videos appeared online. After the judge and lawyers came back into the courtroom, Judge Glanville asked the media to stop filming the trial and only audio record.

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The rapper is on trial for racketeering and gang charges (

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He said it was "due to some security issues" with the "inadvertent recording of some of our jurors in the front row" that he asked this of the media in attendance. The Law & Crime Network decided to zoom in on a water bottle in front of the detective while he testified in order to comply with the judge's request. The trial then continued for the rest of the day without a hitch.

This wasn't the first setback in the trial. Jury selection took eleven months and earlier this week Young Thug's lawyer, Brian Steel raised a motion for a mistrial.

He asked for it after claiming prosecutor Adriane Love presented PowerPoint slides to the jury that were not provided to the defense beforehand. Judge Glanville denied his request.

Some of his lyrics will be used as evidence (

Young Thug's trial started earlier this week in Atlanta, Georgia a year after he was indicted on gang and racketeering charges along with over two dozen people. The rapper, legal name Jeffery Lamar Williams, has been accused of helping find a violent street gang in 2012 named YSL - short for Young Slime Life.

Prosecutors think that YSL is associated with the Bloods gang and accuse them of being connected to shootings, carjacking, and killings. However, Young Thug's lawyers are arguing that YSL is just a music label and nothing more.

Judge Glanville last week ruled that the prosecution can use a set of 17 lyrics from Young Thug's songs to make a case to the jury that it connects him to the crimes they are accusing him of.

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