One woman has been left feeling awkward at her new work after a colleague demanded she makes her lunch

'My colleague is being passive-aggressive because I refused to make lunch for her - she even offered to pay'

Mum shouts at passenger for watching gory film in-flight that left her son sobbing

‘I called 14-year-old daughter's classmate a brat and made her cry - I don't even care’

'I refused to pick up the tab for a girl I am casually dating - she's dumped me'

'I refuse to buy my spoilt and entitled mother-in-law a Christmas gift'

'My lazy husband stays up until 3am gaming - I'm expected to work and stay up with baby'

People are sharing the things Americans do that are considered odd in other countries

Kim Kardashian suffers another 'humbling' from daughter North over her real-world skills

'My wife says she can't trust me around our baby and won't even let me hold her'

'My date ended up being a convicted murderer - my mum discovered the truth about his violent past'

Kim Kardashian fans spot 'filthy' detail in the background of her latest selfie

'My fiancé refuses to allow my son to attend our child-free wedding'

'Brutal' cold that is 'worse than winter bug' and sweeping UK - full list of symptoms

Shock new TikTok trend Orange Peel Theory - what is it and why are people splitting up?

Woman's life unravels after boyfriend 'broke up' with her over something he found in suitcase

Woman applauded for taking 'extremely hairy' niece to get a wax behind her sister's back

Woman branded 'creepy' for 'dressing like the bride' at her son's wedding

'My best friend is disgusted by my engagement ring - she's told me not to wear it'

'I want to shut down my neighbour's business – her customers keep taking my parking spaces'

Woman gets 'petty revenge' on scammer who asked her to send £400 iTunes giftcard

'I told my son to pay back for the cheese or he won’t eat Thanksgiving roast'

‘Daughter's boyfriend stole Thanksgiving turkey - now she's not speaking to me’

Grandma bans grandson from Christmas because of his realisation about Santa

'My daughter is a famous influencer - but I don't let her touch the money she earns'

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