It can be seriously irritating when you come to use your car in the morning, and the temperatures have dropped significantly so your windscreen is frozen - but one mum has used a 'total game changer' item to banish your blues.

As the mercury drops into the minus temperatures, freezing conditions mean that when you come to your car in the morning, it can be frozen up, adding unnecessary extra time to your journey in the morning. Thankfully, one mum has shared a genius method she uses to defrost her car, however, and all you'll need to use is an empty bottle.

Angela Hickling took to Facebook to share that an empty stain-remover bottle - one with a scrubber at the end - will work as a 'scraper' on the car. She shared she had picked the Dr Beckman's carpet stain remover bottle which comes with a brush attachment and filled the bottle with warm water - but experts have previously warned car owners not to put boiling water on the windscreen.

She then simply glides the brush head over the windscreen and other windows on her vehicle, and the ice melts in seconds. It's much faster than other methods, so if you're really in a rush, can work wonders. She wrote: "I'm a genius, get yourself one of these bottles, fill it with warm water and you're sorted. No cold hands scraping anymore and it cleans your window screen too - the brush bit is ideal."

Angela posed with the empty bottle (

In the comments, people were really impressed with the hack, with one user writing: "Total game changer. I knew this stuff was magic but that's just upped the scales." Another added: "Great tip, thank you!"

Others suggested their own similar methods, with someone penning: "You can put warm water in a clear bag, tie it up and rub it on the windscreen. Gets rid of the ice quite quickly." Another shared: "What I do is get in the car earlier and turn the engine on and let it defrost with the heater on - easy."

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