A savvy mum has shared how she managed to cook a three-course Christmas dinner for under £20 - and there was "so much left over" after feeding the whole family.

As food prices continue to rise, many families will be feeling the pinch this festive season when it comes to food shopping. Brits will be looking for supermarket deals more than ever to help keep the costs down.

The thrifty mum-of-two managed to buy 20 items from Aldi for just £19.98 - and the festive spread looks utterly delicious. She reckons her dinner could have fed six people.

Savvy shopper Nikki, who cooked the dinner for her two sons and husband, regularly shares her budget money saving tips and meal plans on her TikTok page @dylandfyn and has wowed followers with her three-course Christmas dinner.

She stared off with a classic prawn cocktail dish, as she spooned the prawns and sauce into lettuce cups, served alongside pate and crispy bread. This starer offers "something for everyone" accoridng to the mum.

For the main course, she cooked a whole chicken with mash potato, crispy roast potatoes, stuffing, vegetables including brussels sprouts and pigs in blankets to add the festive feel.

The mum doesn't like to put "too much stress" on cooking a Christmas dinner, explaining that the family "stick to what we know", but of course gravy was included. "My husband usually makes Christmas dinner anyway so I don't have to do this," she added.

When it came to dessert, Nikki made her own version of a trifle which she thought could feed "up to eight people". "If that wasn't enough, we are having dessert," she said as she started making her trifle with jelly and raspberry swiss rolls for her "take on a trifle" that she called an "absolutely gorgeous dessert." She topped it off with grated chocolate, custard and icing sugar on top.

"I think when it comes to Christmas, everybody has their own traditions but this is just what my family would eat and hopefully this appeals to a lot of you as well," the 35-year-old Yorkshire-based mum said.

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