Many people enjoy laying their Christmas dinner out beautifully to create a delicious looking feast - and now a tricky brain teaser is challenging you to spot the hidden detail on this festive table.

Christmas is the perfect time to indulge in all of your favourite foods and celebrate with those closest to you. But as tasty as this festive food looks, there is a small uninvited intruder hiding among the spread.

Putting your eyes to the test via puzzles and brainteasers is a greatway to boost cognitive skills and get your brain working in different ways.

Most eagle-eyed people can find the sneaky intruder in 32.5 seconds, according to the team at Utility Bidder, who made the brain teaser. But are you one of them? Set a timer and see how long it takes to find it.

Can you spot the squeaky intruder? (
Utility Bidder)

If you are struggling, here's a hint - you're looking for a small brown and furry animal on the table. If you need another clue, cast your eyes to the red table runner and it might stand out a little easier.

It's hard to not get distracted by all of the food but it's definitely there on the table somewhere! We're about to reveal the answers, so no cheating if you haven't found it yet!

Don't get too distracted by the mouthwatering turkey or all the glorious trimmings - eyes on the prize here folks.

Did you manage to find it? It was hidden in plain sight (
Utility Bidder)

Did you manage to find it? Well done if so, you have a sharp attention to detail and even better if you did it in under 30 seconds! If not, don't worry, the more of these puzzles and brain teasers you do the easier they become - practise makes perfect.

If you enjoyed this one, to keep you feeling festive, why not see if you can spot the hidden Christmas pudding hiding on the chaotic dinner table. Even if you don't like the humble festive dessert, put your eyes to the test with this mind boggling puzzle.

Like the mouse hidden in the food spread, the dessert is hiding in plain sight, and most people can see it in around 28 seconds - see if you're one of them.

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