Jamie Oliver's 'foolproof' hack for fluffy rice is 'super simple' and takes just eight minutes

Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 30

Jamie Oliver's tomato soup recipe is a 'little bit of sunshine' - and only takes 15 minutes

Perishers - 30th November 2023

Andy Capp - 30th November 2023

'My colleague is being passive-aggressive because I refused to make lunch for her - she even offered to pay'


'Mum can't forgive my husband after we had marital issues and I told her all about it'

Coffee drinkers consume 657 cups a year - but a fifth have no idea how the drink is produced

Thrifty mum reveals how she makes a three-course Christmas dinner for less than £20

Cleaning expert shares exactly how long damp, wet clothes can be left in washing machine

I'm a TV writer and these are 10 of the best Christmas films on Netflix right now

Mini Egg lovers ecstatic that fan favourite is back - but some say it's 'daylight robbery'

‘I forced mother of my newborn baby to sleep on floor so I could rest - I need my bed’

Cheap household items you can use to protect your garden this winter

Bake Off star's simple recipe for 'delicious' glazed sprouts - that even haters will enjoy

Seven in 10 Brits wish they had taken more creative subjects at school, study finds

Man compared to stalker after getting 'foul' tattoo tribute to girlfriend

Join The Mirror’s Christmas WhatsApp Community to get festive news straight to your phone

‘I called 14-year-old daughter's classmate a brat and made her cry - I don't even care’

'I refused to pick up the tab for a girl I am casually dating - she's dumped me'

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Delicious leek and potato soup recipe by James Martin is real winter-warmer - with 5 ingredients

TV writer picks 10 of the best Christmas films on Amazon Prime Video

Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 29

Perishers - 29th November 2023

Andy Capp - 29th November 2023

'I went from the brink of bankruptcy to outselling Beyoncé - here's how it happened'

How to watch Slow Horses season 3 for free with these last-minute Black Friday deals

Baby name inspired by small English town set to be very popular in 2024

'Genius' woman's hack for making bread lasting 'twice as long'


'I'm really unhappy where I've worked for 10 years - but have doubts about new job offer'

Potato hack removes skins instantly without peeling and people are 'mind-blown'

Pharmacist shares 'lifesaver' dry cough hack which will ease it in minutes

'My lazy husband stays up until 3am gaming - I'm expected to work and stay up with baby'

Mary Berry's golden crunchy thyme parsnips are a must for your Christmas table

‘Teenage daughter wet herself during car trip - everyone says I’m in the wrong’

Driving law quiz tests your knowledge of 2023's new changes - how many do you know?

'My mother has banned me from my own father's funeral - I only found he was sick from an email'

Pepsi lovers' minds blown after discovering hidden meaning behind the famous soft drink's name

Gardening expert shares hack using garlic to help protect plants this winter

Spending time with family is the most magical thing about Christmas, festive Brits say

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Gordon Ramsay's delicious beef bourguignon recipe is a melt-in-your-mouth winner

December gardening jobs - what to sow and grow in winter

‘Delicious’ air fryer apple crumble recipe you can make in less than 30 minutes

Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 28

Beautiful plant that's illegal to let grow outside your garden 'spreads quickly'

Andy Capp - 28th November 2023

Perishers - 28th November 2023


'It annoys me that my husband is so tight with money'

'I regret spending £12k on Christmas presents for my children - they only get bored'

Garden expert reveals five vegetables that are 'easy' to grow in small spaces

Family psychotherapist shares key phrases to avoid telling children at Christmas

'My wife says she can't trust me around our baby and won't even let me hold her'

Martin Lewis shares exact date supermarkets discount their Christmas stock - with Lidl warning

'I compared a Celebrations box from 2009 to today's tubs - the difference is staggering'

'My neighbour called police to collect parcel delivered by mistake to my house'

Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 27

Andy Capp - 27th November 2023

Perishers - 27th November 2023

Former royal chef reveals Princess Diana's favourite dessert - and it's a British classic


'My daughter says I don't like my selfish son - and my wife has taken her side'

Bakeries have been keeping a big secret from you about jam doughnuts

Much-loved Sex Education character set to inspire baby name trends in 2024

'My boyfriend refuses to split our bills evenly - he earns four times as much as I do'

Baking expert's air fryer doughnuts take just five minutes to cook

Mum's brilliant trick will stop your avocados going brown before you can eat them

Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 26

Easy Yorkshire pudding air fryer recipe that gives a perfectly golden rise every time

Mary Berry's Christmas cake and pudding recipe instructions in full

Mary Berry's fool-proof Yorkshire pudding recipe - and secret to making them rise

Nigella Lawson's 'immensely comforting' risotto recipe is a breeze to make


I try living with a brand new car I could drive away for just £166 per month

Woman applauded for taking 'extremely hairy' niece to get a wax behind her sister's back

Women are using an extreme 'honey trap' to catch cheating men - but it comes with a cost

'I tried cooking a turkey in the slow-cooker - it was very eye-opening for Christmas Day'

James Martin's 'mouthwatering and juicy' beef and ale pie will warm your cockles

'My best friend is disgusted by my engagement ring - she's told me not to wear it'

Expert's top tips for protecting a garden hose in the cold - and what to do if it does freeze

Chef's tip keeps bananas fresh for 'two weeks' - and they'll taste just as good

'I went on 164 first dates in two years to find my husband - I learned so much'

Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 25

Food expert’s hearty leek and potato soup recipe that's 150 calories a bowl

Perishers - 25th November 2023

Andy Capp - 25th November 2023

Jamie Oliver's 'easy' one-pan breakfast makes the perfect Sunday feast

Cadbury fans spot massive change to Heroes tubs - and they can't believe their eyes

Top 20 best guitarists of all time - Brian May and Jimi Hendrix top list

Mary Berry's chicken and bacon pie recipe is the epitome of comfort for winter


I've tested dozens of dash cams, and this Black Friday bargain has been my favourite


'I cooked a turkey in the air fryer - the skin was so crispy but there was one downfall'

Top 10 positive traits children learn from their parents - and the most mischievous ones

Delia Smith's 'definitive' lemon tart recipe she spent 'a great deal of time' perfecting

Celebrations fans can bag £25k from tubs this Christmas thanks to controversial flavour

Most unusual places people have fallen asleep - including at work, and on the loo

I’m a TV writer and these are the best deals on streaming services this Black Friday

Expert's simple tips to stop cats and foxes from using your garden as a toilet

DVLA rules that older drivers must follow and when to reapply for driving licences

Drivers are only just realising what the little black dots on a car windscreen are for

Tom Kerridge's 'low-effort' mini pork sausage rolls are 'so intensely flavoured they don't need dip'

The best Black Friday streaming deals for Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount+ and Amazon’s Prime Video

Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 24

Simple microwave chocolate mug cake recipe tastes 'as good as from the oven'

Andy Capp - 24th November 2023

Perishers - 24th November 2023

'I tried Lidl, Aldi, Lindt and Poundland chocolate Santas - there's two I'd never eat again'

Science whizz says we're making steak all wrong - it needs to go in the microwave

Savvy mum makes Christmas dinner for eight for £7.58 per person - including all trimmings

'I cook my whole Christmas dinner in the air fryer - but there's one caveat you need to know'

Eight in 10 Brits appreciate 'time wins' in life - that allow them to gain unexpected time

Nigella Lawson's secret to cooking perfect poached eggs with no 'watery bits'

Gino D'Acampo's simple and speedy spaghetti recipe which is perfect for midweek dinners

KFC fans devastated as much-loved burger is axed from menu despite 'begging' for return

'Hospitable' tribesmen let visitors sleep with their wives for a 'warm welcome' as part of tradition

One in five Brits say it is not a 'real' Christmas - without some seasonal mishaps

McDonald's Christmas menu 2023 - new items ranked from best to worst with surprising winner

Save an extra £10 at H Samuel when you spend over £50 in their Black Friday sale with this great offer inside your Mirror

Tom Kerridge customers furious at having to sit on stools to eat in his swanky restaurant

Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 23

One lucky chocolate fan could win £25,000 - with solid gold, nine-carat Bounty bar

Andy Capp - 23rd November 2023

Perishers - 23rd November 2023


'My boyfriend is 12 years older - he makes me feel stupid and not good enough for him'

Jamie Oliver's 'melt-in-your-mouth' potato dauphinoise recipe takes 30 minutes to make

Expert vet shares top tips for new puppy owners - like not turning to social media

Plant tulips in November to prevent pesky disease, gardening expert warns

WIN brand-new Pictionary vs AI for fun with all the family this Christmas!

WIN the Ultimate Playset bundle this Christmas with Hot Wheels & Barbie

People 'feel sick' after discovering how vegan 'meat' is actually made

Mum and parenting expert claims you should 'reward' your kid's bad behaviour

People are only just realising they've been eating Pringles wrong their whole lives

Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 22

Andy Capp - 22nd November 2023

Perishers - 22nd November 2023

How to watch Squid Game: The Challenge for free with Sky’s Black Friday deal

Best Amazon Black Friday vinyl deals including Taylor Swift and Green Day albums


'My sister is rude and hurtful with her nasty, spiteful comments'

You've been cooking potato waffles wrong as Birds Eye confirms correct method

Inside the McDonald's with the 'poshest' menu in the world - including lobster rolls

TikTok's 'orange peel theory' is causing people to break up with their partners

Heston Blumenthal's expert 'formula' makes 'perfect' boiled eggs every time

Gordon Ramsay's gorgeous macaroni cheese bake can be served up in 30 minutes

Inside Mrs Hinch's 'incredible' cloth collection - including item she can't live without

Man donates his sperm and keeps it from his wife for years - until a DNA test shows up

'We tried pigs in blankets from every supermarket and one banger beat all competition'

'I bought my granddaughter a DNA test - it's blown the family apart'

McDonald's is axing 8 items from its menu today - and cheese fans are heartbroken

'My open marriage backfired in my face - my husband prefers our girlfriend'

Half of Brits wish they felt more inspired - when it comes to cooking midweek dinners

Nearly a quarter have been to more house parties this year than last year, study finds

Jamie Oliver's moreish sweet and sour chicken recipe is a real mid-week 'winner'

Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 21

Andy Capp - 21st November 2023

Perishers - 21st November 2023

When is the Oppenheimer streaming, Blu-ray and DVD release date?

How to watch Monarch: Legacy of Monsters for free with Sky’s Black Friday deal

Amazon has dropped the price of dash cams for Black Friday and I've picked out the best


'My girlfriend wants everything to be perfect before we have sex - it's a real turn-off'

One in four mums every year have to give birth by caesarean section, figures show

Jamie Oliver's 'game-changing' sausage and mash pie recipe hailed 'delicious' by fans

Mum divides opinion after re-gifting her son Christmas presents she's already given him

Best supermarket mince pies for 2023 crowned - and dark horse takes top spot

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